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The information contained here is the most up to date information and what every team should be prepared to do if there is a case on the team or they are a close contact team: RIYLL expects every team to comply with the information if contacted from DOH.
  • Coaches MUST give their contacts to include NAME, CELL PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL to the other team so that when DOH calls the coach of the infected team they will be able to give them the contact information of the other team
  • Teams WILL NOT have to hand over their rosters at that time it will be handed off to DOH after the conversation between the coach and the nurse from DOH occurs
  • Coach is to contact President  or COVID lead for their league right away
  • Coach should contact the Coach from the other team to let them know that DOH will be calling them so they are prepared 
  • Roster should be available and given to DOH with the information that they have required 
  • Coach should have the information of the opponents coaches available so when speaking to DOH they are prepared 
  • Text and email should be sent to Deb at 203-249-9783/   letting her know of a positive case. The information should be team involved from your league, the team you played along with date and if DOH has already contacted you 
  • Deb will then contact the executive board and those teams involved 
  • Deb will be available to help any of the teams 

DOH, requires specific documentation to assist in the contact identification and tracing process.  They will ask you to provide an updated list of attendance from (date of game). 

In an effort to conduct their case investigation and contact tracing efforts they will ask you to return a roster to them within 24 hoursPlease see directions below on fields that need to be included on your roster:

To Be Completed by Team 

·       Index Case Name   

·       School Name   

·       First Name  

·       Last Name  

·       Person Completed By  

·       Completed Date  

·       Birthdate 

·       Phone  

o   If player, provide the guardian's primary contact info  

·       Email   

o   If player provide the guardian's primary email  

·       Date of Exposure = the last day that the particular player or coach was exposed to the direct contact   

·       School Name -if known

o   If an opposing team was played, please enter the opposing team’s school name on the RIDOH part of the spreadsheet 

ONCE YOU HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION YOU WILL THEN EMAIL IT TO    to expedite their contact tracing effort 


Example Letter: to help if your team is part of a quarantine- you will just need to tweak to meet your needs- the highlighted areas are specific to your case

Dear (League Name) (Exact Team impacted) 


We’re writing to let you know that a person associated with (your team) or the team you played) has tested positive for COVID-19. The person is now isolating at home, having last been on the field during (date of game) Game.  


Though (he or she) did not attend practice on (Day and date), her symptoms began on (day and date) so our Saturday game is unfortunately in the 48 hour window of “exposure” to her/him



She just tested positive today and we are reaching out as we learned this afternoon and have been in contact with RIDOH for their guidance. They have told us that the whole team is considered a “close contact” if they were at the game on Saturday. If you were not at the game, you can ignore this as the affected player was not at practice Monday. 


We are truly sorry about this but it is happening as you know in schools/activities/sports and we must abide RIDOH guidance on this. 



Overall, the risk to your daughter is incredibly low (outdoors, if close it is brief) but RIDOH had decided before the season that these would be deemed close contacts. 


What happens now:

1) RIDOH asked for contact information for our players and coaches which we provided. They will be in touch with you tomorrow. 

2) RIDOH asked that we contact you today to request that you begin quarantine now since the nurse could not get to all calls today.

3) The “shot clock” on testing and quarantine begins (last day and date). You will be able to “test out” with a test 5 days after (date (days)) and if negative come out of quarantine day 8 (day)

DOH should provide information on testing but here is how to go:


To schedule a test, either call the K-12 COVID-19 test scheduling service at 844-857-1814 Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on the weekend from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or create an account on


(Any specific team instructions around practices)



We urge all members of the (town) community to continue following all pandemic safety protocols, especially and to take advantage of surveillance testing.  Please report any symptoms or positive test results to your Coach right away. 


Please reach out to any of us if you have questions or concerns.


The (town) Youth Lacrosse Board