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2023 Playoffs

Championship Week


Tuesday June 13th Boys 5/6 and 7/8

Location 1 Portsmouth High School TURF

Boys 5/6 D2   North Kingstown vs Northern RI      5:30 PM
Boys 7/8 D2  Cumberland vs Coventry                  7:00 PM
Boys 7/8 D1 North Kingstown vs East Bay            8:15 PM

Location 2 Gaudet Middle School TURF
Boys 5/6 D2   Coventry vs Providence.                 5:30 PM
Boys 5/6  D1 Cumberland vs East Greeniwch      7:00 PM
Boys 7/8 D2  Northern RI vs Portsmouth              8:15 PM


Wednesday June 14th Girls 5/6 and 7/8

Location East Greenwich HS Grass

Girls 5/6 D2: Westerly vs Warwick                         5:30 PM

Girls 7/8 D2 Doubles: East Greenwich vs East Bay  6:45 PM


Location East Greenwich HS TURF

Girls 5/6 D1 East Bay vs East Greenwich                5:30 PM

Girls 7/8 D2 Doubles Cumberland vs Warwick          6:45 PM

Girls 7/8 D1 East Greenwich vs East Bay                8:00 PM